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Welcome to our neighborhood...

South Armatage Neighbors...committed to community. Working together, our goal is to make sure South Armatage remains a safe, attractive and fun place to live in Minneapolis.

Be Informed—Stay aware of and share information that affects our neighborhood. Work together to create and implement actions plans that address any issues. Current issues that need our focus are crime prevention and the Crosstown 62 construction project.

Be Alert—Help create and maintain a safe and desirable neighborhood through crime prevention. Watch for and report suspicious activity or crime in action. Join efforts to implement a Neighborhood Watch program. Pay attention to the cars coming and going through the neighborhood and those that are parking on or streets. Follow the safety tips found on the "Neighborhood Safety Tips" page of this website.  

Be Familiar—Know your neighbors! Do you know who lives next door or down the street? When someone moves in, initiate a “hello and welcome” and let them know that we all care about the neighborhood and each other, and that this really is a friendly place to live. Host and organize events so current residents can connect with one another and new residents can be welcomed.

Stay In Touch--Join our neighborhood email list by sending a request to the email address listed below. We will send out periodic emails that keep us all connected and updated on topics that impact us.

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