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Safety Tips...

South Armatage Neighbors...committed to community. Working together, our goal is to make sure South Armatage remains a safe, attractive and fun place to live.

What kinds of info can I collect?

License plates are most helpful with suspected drug houses. In that case, you would want to get the number of the car or cars you believe are actually delivering or receiving the drugs. There is likely to be a lot of traffic at that home, so it may take a bit to discern this, but knowing that information will greater affect the investigation than knowing a lot of plates that may not be as directly involved.

Suspect descriptions – When taking notes of suspicious people or activity, look for the following: the person’s ethnicity, height, estimated weight, build, the plate of the vehicle they were in, and the time they came/left. The more details and accuracy the better in this case, so note as much as you can.

What 911 can do for us.

Get comfortable calling 911. It is the communication line from us to the police department. It is not only for emergencies. The police use a 911 call log to staff and distribute resources. If you ever think about calling, CALL. They would rather have more calls than fewer, and this is the one way we can directly tell the police that there is stuff going on in our neighborhood. We need to be the eyes and ears, and get that info to the police.

Be Aware and pay attention to what’s going on in the neighborhood. Get to know who lives next door, and the next house over, what cars and trucks and motorcycles belong or do not belong. Be the one to initiate an introduction, to share some information about you and then ask about them. Then, when you see something or someone who doesn’t belong, CALL 911. When you see someone you don’t know walking or on a bicycle or driving around slowly or parked, call 911.

Light up your yard.

Light up your life, and your alley, garage, house.  The more light the better.  People do more crime in the dark.  Whether lights are on all the time or are motion-sensitive, we all feel more secure with more light, because we are.  And we can run a 100W light for 10 hours for about 8¢ -- all month compared to what we pay for one specialty coffee. 

Secure your garage

A good number of people find out too late that simply locking your garage door can stop a thief. Many thieves will just check to see if a door is unlocked. Don't help them by leaving it unlocked.

City Information and Services

Need to report a broken street light? Is there a stray dog roaming your neighborhood? Do you just want a question about the City of Minneapolis answered? Minneapolis 311 can help.

Just call 3∙1∙1 weekdays from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM and a customer service agent will assist you.